Rope4 distance learning exam RESULT

The globe is facing a Pandemic and we ought to stay home to fight against the situation. As Rope4 is a platform to learn and share the knowledge associated to mountaineering and the healthy lifestyle, we thought of running online classes to encourage all for a distance learning while staying at home during the #COVID19 emergency. 

The online classes took place between 27th March to 10th April 2020. Twelve different subjects associated with mountaineering were taught through the Facebook live class.

1. Rope
2. Rope Knots
3. Principle of Rock Climbing
4. Mountaineering Lifestyle
5. Mountain Terminology
6. Glacier

7. Equipment
8. Anchoring
9. Jummaring
10. Rappeling
11. Belaying
12. Rescue

The initial exam took place on 2nd April 2020. The final exam took place on 11th April 2020 through online questioner. The result is as follows: