Rope4 is an open platform to learn and share the knowledge of Outdoor Education. Rope4 works for alternative youth development in Bangladesh. This organization motivates young people to explore their hidden physical and mental strengths to discover their potential abilities. 

Rope4 would like to popularize the safe mountaineering and to introduce to the young people of Bangladesh positive adventure activities through the yearly Mission Himalaya initiative which has proved to motivate young people to leave harmful habits like smoking and so on. This will lead our youth towards discipline and a healthy lifestyle for their personal development.

Rope4 organizes and facilitates Adventure Courses, Workshops related to adventure and Mountaineering, Team Building Activities (outdoor/indoor), Survival Camping, Mountaineering Expedition, and other youth development initiatives.

Rope4 is contributing to the environment by developing Eco-Tourism establishments in various forests in Bangladesh. Rope4 has developed camping and outdoor activities facilities in eight different locations in collaboration with Bangladesh Forest Division and Donors.

Rope4 is in the practice of providing scholarships based on the interest and deserving criteria of the students, also subsidizing or providing a full free scholarship to the students. 


Rope4 practices zero tolerance for smoking and any other harmful drugs!