Rope4 distance learning 3 – Principle of Rock Climbing

29 March 2020

Currently, Bangladesh is going through the pandemic COVID 19. We all are isolating ourselves at the home to be safe. Rope4 is there to learn and share the knowledge of Mountaineering with all. During this staying at the home policy is refraining us all from attending any class or camp, Rope4 has decided to continue the knowledge sharing sessions through Facebook live every day starting from 27 March 2020. 

These sessions are conducted by Mountaineering Instructor Mohiuddin Mahi

Principle of Rock Climbing consisted of:

  • what is climbing
  • what is rock climbing
  • basics of rock climbing
  • major principle
  • planning
  • balancing
  • conserving energy
  • various climbing holds

These sessions are to encourage all to stay at home and make use of the leisure time into a fruitful addition to your knowledge. Stay connected with Rope4 distance learning!