Mission Himalaya 2022: The AWARDED expedition to Everest Base Camp!
After a long health safety break during the years 2020 and 2021, Mission Himalaya 2022 has reached the awarded expedition to the Everest Base Camp stage! This unique idea of this training initiative is arranged by Rope4 to introduce deserving enthusiasts to mountains and high altitudes.
Rope4 did not have any sponsor for this year’s Mission Himalaya 2022. Donations from some known/unknown well-wishers are the driving force of this campaign this year. In addition, PEAK GEAR Outdoors Decathlon Sports Bangladesh Advergo Sports & Fashion Wear Ltd. Some of their base gifts have helped Rope4 to make this event graceful. 
The expedition team-
Mohiuddin Mahi, Team Leader and Ahoshanuzzaman Toukir & Sadikullah Mahmud, Winners.
Rope4 is a platform where one can learn about and share knowledge on outdoor activities. The initiative facilitates training and workshops on adventurous activities, team building, survival camping, mountaineering expeditions, and more. The mission of Rope4 is to contribute to the development of the youth by introducing them to and educating them on positive and adventurous lifestyles through outdoor activities.  Rope4 operates such an alternative youth development initiative from its own strength. They have been organizing this event along with other initiatives from the year 2017. The organization is committed to leading young people toward a healthy lifestyle. 
Mission Himalaya 2022: The AWARDED expedition to Everest Base Camp!