Join Team Rope4!

Rope4 Outdoor Education is involved with a variety of exciting and adventurous activities ranging from mountaineering to climbing, cycling, and kayaking. The members of the club do various activities including regular physical exercises and organizing workshops and knowledge sharing sessions on mountaineering and other outdoor activities. Rope4 has an office with a library and climbing wall where we study and practice regularly. 

There is some basic information given below for your reference:

  1. You must be interested in adventure activities
  2. To be a part of Rope4, you need to visit the office or join any program to be familiar with our activities.
  3. Anyone associated with any other club or organization can join Team Rope4. 
  4. Anyone involved in activities that are against state law and socially disgraceful are discouraged to apply.

If you are interested to be communicated with, please fill up this VOLUNTEER FORM.

Pic: Stairs hammocking in Khadimnagar Campsite

Any kind of harmful drug including smoking is completely prohibited during Rope4 activities!