Mohammad Mohiuddin

Mostly known as Mahi is a Certified Mountaineering Trainer and Instructor who graduated from Nehru Institute of Mountaineering. He is an Outdoor Activist, his passion for adventure & outdoor activity and obligation towards society made him initiate Rope4 Outdoor Education. To be a Certified Mountaineering Trainer, he has successfully completed the Basic Mountaineering Course from the Himalayan Mountaineering Institute. Advance Mountaineering Course and Method of Instruction Course from Nehru Institute of Mountaineering. He has been associated with adventure & outdoor activity since the year 2003 and pursuing his dream to establish an Outdoor Education Institute in Bangladesh. He has been engaged himself in the establishment of Ecotourism facilities including community development, high rope course and zipline setup in  9 different protected areas of Bangladesh Forest Division. He is a Paramedic and a First Aid Responder. He has got the community volunteer search, & Rescue, fire fighting training as well. He wishes to contribute to a nation having a healthy lifestyle through positive adventure and outdoor activities. 

Marufa Haque

Marufa Haque is the Chairman of Rope4 Outdoor Education. She is a Volunteer who loves to organize people and their views! She loves nature and living things very much. She is a Development Worker by profession and currently working with GIZ Bangladesh. She has a passion to contribute to society through alternative Youth Development! Besides loving traveling and outdoor activities, her pledge for humanity is motivating people for a mentally and physically healthy lifestyle. An optimistic personality Marufa is always in search of inner peace and spreading her learnings wherever that fits. She is a Professional Life Coach and helps people to organize their thought for a better life. She has a keen interest in contributing her time to human and woman rights activities.