BD Mountaineers Summit 2023

BD Mountaineers Summit 2023 is an initiative to bring all the year-long mountaineering achievements stories under one roof. This is the first-ever time adventure enthusiasts will experience such an evening! 

The year 2022 has brought a breath of relief to mountaineering in the country after two years of stagnation due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Despite the economic downturn resulting from the Russia-Ukraine war, numerous expeditions took place throughout the year despite the changing weather conditions in the Himalayas. Most of the expeditions have also seen success. Great achievements have been added to the mountaineering history of the country by the hands of young mountaineers. Mountaineers of the country have also reached some apparently inaccessible peaks. Many have also taken part in basic mountaineering training. In some expeditions, mountaineers have faced the vagaries of nature. He was able to leave the expedition unfinished and return safely because he had ears to hear what the mountain was trying to say; This is no less important.

In addition to campaigns under the banner of various clubs, the number of campaigns on individual initiatives is not less. Bringing these scattered expeditions and explorers under one roof is somewhat difficult due to the ample time space. This is our arrangement to do that apparently strange thing. BD Mountaineers Summit brings the story of expeditions in 2022. It is not every day that adventure lovers get a chance to hear the stories of so many mountaineers under one roof. In four hours we will hear the stories of most of the expeditions and mountaineers of the year.

The ‘BD Mountaineers Summit 2023’ is organized to bring all the achievers under one roof in front of Adventure Lovers as there are no routine opportunities to hear the stories of so many climbers
under one roof every day! We will hear the stories of most of the expeditions and climbers throughout the year. Your gracious presence will enlighten the summit. We will look forward to welcoming you.

Date: Friday 10th March 2023  |  Time: 4:00 pm to 8:00 pm  |  Venue: Bishwo Shahitto Kendro

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