Cross-country cycling by Rope4 Adventure Club

Rope4 Adventure Club (RAC) is attempting its very first cross-country cycling expedition with the message ‘Say NO to harmful DRUGS’. The cross-country cycling route is Tetulia to Teknaf which is considered to be the longest cross-country route of Bangladesh measuring approximately 1000 km. 

RAC is a concern of Rope4 Outdoor Education and a team of young enthusiasts people. The club is running with an aim to inspire young people for a healthy lifestyle through outdoor activities.

Cycling team members:

1. Abrarul Amin Arnob is a student of the Department of Physics at Government Titumir College. 
2. Hiba Sharafuddin is an Architect who graduated from BRAC University and an Entrepreneur.
3. Kamrul Hassan Raihan is a student of Public Administration at Chittagong University and
4. Golam Md. Adil is a student of Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology at Shahjalal University of Science & Technology.
The journey is starting on 4th November and the destination is Dhaka to Panchagrah by Bus. On 5th November, the team will reach Tetulia by cycle. On 6th November, the final cross-country cycling will start and likely to be finished on 14th November 2020. The team will explore the beauty of Bangladesh and will spread awareness of the bad impacts of harmful drugs including nicotine with the slogan, ‘Say NO to harmful DRUGS’.
Rope4 platforms practice zero tolerance to smoking and the intake of harmful drugs. If someone has the desire to acquire a healthy life, the person must leave any harmful habit. To be qualified for any outdoor activities not limited to mountaineering, trekking, hiking, cycling, diving, one must be in a disciplined lifestyle.   
Cycling is a great exercise to keep the body and mind healthy. This has a greater impact on global warming as well. Cycling provides zero contribution to carbon emission. This also saves time and wealth. Above all, the advantage of cycling has no limit.       
The team would try their best to be highly vigilant concerning the safety measures for the pandemic. Rope4 wishes the cross-country cycling team all the success!