Leadership quality comes from within!

An Initiator cab be a Leader or vise versa! A leader can easily be an initiator. An enthusiastic can initiate ideas, however, an initiator may not be or become a leader that easily! This is because whereas anyone can generate an idea, not everyone can guide as leadership quality comes from within! For initiators to lead, one must possess the required traits and must be subjected to the rigorous testing process.

Having a vision and preparing a few clear mission statements or actions can prove a goal to be achieved! This is always difficult to gather people together unless you have the determination to protect the true purpose with a result.  Moktadir Rahman, one of the new members of Rope4 Adventure Club, is a very spontaneous person having a wide mindset of cooperation and volunteering. He had a dream to descend over 300 fits with his fellow club members of the club. He planned and gathered other members to join the team. He just left with a Leader to guide the team technically. Cub Founder Mohiuddin Mahi extended his support as always although he had some physical injury concerns.

This is not an easy task for a Leader to let team members rappel from that distance! To do such, one must have a lot of technical skill and experience for the Leader!  Mohiuddin Mahi is a Certified Mountaineering Instructor who is enough capable to operate such technicalities. 

The team reach the destination early in the morning and started activities afterward. According to the Leader, the planner, or the initiator Moktadir just justified his enthusiasm throughout the activities. He was the main supporting hand for the Leader during the operation. Handling a static rope which is 200 meters, other equipment and gears is definitely a tough job. These activities require sound physical strength and endurance. In spite of having almost no technical knowledge, Moktadir just proved himself a true and quick Learner! 

Moktadir also proved his leadership quality by supporting the club in the maintenance of the most essential gears and equipment that are the heart of fall outdoor activity.  This always takes a lot to be a consistent activist, because any activity requires planning, coordination, communications, arrangements, organize, listening, observing, above all, one needs to have respect & passion for the activities as well as obedience for the Leader and sympathy for related stakeholders.  

Rope4 wishes Moktadir to become an influencer as he is full of Leadership capacity and abilities. This is such a quality that cannot be created but comes from within! 

Leadership comes from within!

Leadership quality comes from within!