Everyone is cordially welcome to participate in Rope4 7 days fitness challenge. Rope4 is organizing the live physical fitness session from the initial period of the COVID 19 pandemic to encourage people to stay at home and stay active to maintain a healthy life. This challenge will be the ultimate motivation!
To be the inspiration to others, Rope4 wanted to bring fun challenges for the boring lockdown days. Rope4 wants us to challenge ourselves and identify our undiscovered territory; that will definitely amaze ourselves. 
Redefine yourself and you will know what skills and awesomeness are in your hidden storage!
Rope4 will publish 4 challenges per 7 days starting from 1st July 2020. A month-long fitness exposure will bring fitness and motivation for continuation. 
To participate-
1. Record your activity for the full duration and post it to the Rope4 group with the mentioned title in the caption.
2. Tag and challenge your 4 friends.
3. Anyone can participate more than once for any particular challenge to facilitate development appreciation.  
This initiative is only to make everyone interested in physical exercise during COVID 19 while staying at home and a bit of fun. 
Stay active and keep smiling ?
#Rope4_7_Days_Fitness_Challenge – First 7 days challenge

Duration – 1 to 7 July 2020
Challenge name – SKIPPING
#Rope4_7_Days_Fitness_Challenge – Second 7 days challenge 
Duration – 8 to 14 July 2020
Challenge name – PLANK
#Rope4_7_Days_Fitness_Challenge – Third 7 days challenge
Duration – 15 to 21 July 2020
Challenge name – To be assigned (TBA)
#Rope4_7_Days_Fitness_Challenge – Fourth 7 days challenge
Duration – 22 to 28 July 2020
Challenge name – TBA