Mission Himalaya 2022 Winners Announcement Ceremony!

Rope4 Outdoor Education celebrated the Mission Himalaya 2022 Winners Announcement Ceremony! on 10th September 2022 at the Rope4 premises. Mission Himalaya 2022, an initiative of Rope4, was for the young people of Bangladesh to help them discover their hidden strengths and passion.

Rope4 is a platform where one can learn about and share knowledge on outdoor activities. The initiative facilitates training and workshops on adventurous activities, team building, survival camping, mountaineering expeditions, and more. The mission of Rope4 is to contribute to the development of the youth by introducing them to and educating them on positive and adventurous lifestyles through outdoor activities.  

Mission Himalaya 2022 organized an audition in June 2022 where a total of 125 individuals participated. A panel of highly experienced Mountaineers and Adventure Activists moderated the audition where participants’ mental and physical strength were judged. Most importantly their level of motivation and enthusiasm were judged meticulously! For a few participants, senses of humor, balance, IQ, prediction, ideology, and hobbies were asked to represent. A few participants showed extracurricular activities, such as singing, dancing, and martial arts as well.  

Next, 25 participants qualified for the four-day-long ‘Preparation for the Expedition’ training camp held at the Hazarikhil Wildlife Sanctuary, Chattogram. Essential knots for anchoring, rappelling, jumaring, stream crossing, wall climbing, and rescue process was a few of the many skills taught in the Boot Camp. In addition, tree adventure activities, team building activities, and physical exercises were conducted.

Finally, judging the overall performances in the Boot Camp and Social Communications, Md Toukir Hossain who graduated from Atis Atish Dipankar University of Science & Technology, and B M Sadukullah Mahmud who is an IBA Graduate were awarded as Winners of the Mission Himalaya 2022. They are getting a full free trekking expedition to Everest Basecamp in October 2022.

Mir Shamsul Alam Baboo, a certified mountaineering trainer in Bangladesh was present at the award ceremony and appreciated Rope4 for their Mission Himalaya initiative. Mujibur Rahman, Director of the Bangladesh Diving Instructor World Association and Scuba Diving Instructor, was also present and shared his thought about the adventure. Rope4 Founders, volunteers, and Mission Himalaya 2022 participants were present at the ceremony.

Decathlon Sports Bangladesh, Advergo Sports & Fashion Wear Ltd., PEAK GEAR Outdoors, and ABC Radio FM 89.2 are the partners of Mission Himalaya 2022.

Rope4 is a nonprofit organization, the founders of Rope4 wish to continue this mission in the coming years, be a contributory entity in Bangladesh’s adventure sector and inspire young people to a better and healthy lifestyle through mountaineering. Rope4 operates such an alternative youth development initiative from its own strength and small support from sponsors! They have been organizing this event along with other initiatives from the year 2017. The organization is committed to leading young people toward a healthy lifestyle. 

Mission Himalaya 2022 Winners Announcement Ceremony!