About Marufa Haque

Marufa Haque is a Volunteer who loves to organize people and their views! She loves nature and living things very much. She is a Development Worker by profession and currently working with GIZ Bangladesh. She has a passion to contribute to society through alternative Youth Development! Besides loving traveling and outdoor activities, her pledge for humanity is motivating people for a mentally and physically healthy lifestyle. An optimistic personality Marufa is always in search of inner peace and spreading her learnings wherever that fits. She is a Professional Life Coach and helps people to organize their thought for a better life.

Mission Himalaya 2019 Winner Announcement Ceremony

On October 12, 2019, at Bangladesh Parjatan Corporation Rope4 celebrated the winner announcement ceremony. This initiative was for the young people of Bangladesh to help them discover their hidden strengths. Following an audition in July this year, 25 selected participants attended a 4-day long training camp in September. Finally, judging the overall performances, three best performers, Hiba Sharafuddin, Asad Uzzaman Sajjad and Neel Hurerzahan was awarded a chance to visit Nepal in November for an expedition to Yala Peak in November this year.

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Inspiring the youth for mountaineering

Mission Himalaya 2018 organised three workshops on mountaineering where a total of 60 individuals participated. They were trained on basic terminologies of mountaineering, introduced to mountaineering gears and were taught essential rope knots. Next, 25 participants qualified through for the 'Preparation for the Expedition' training camp, held at Hazarikhil Wildlife Sanctuary, Chattogram. Finally, judging the overall performances, three best performers were awarded with a chance to visit Nepal for an expedition in October 2018.

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Youth development through mountaineering

Rope4 Outdoor Education is going to introduce adventurous activities like mountaineering through the event “Mission Himalaya 2018” to the young people of Bangladesh. It is hoped that such challenges will motivate the youths to take up an active and healthy lifestyle, leading to their personal development and finding the hidden strength within.

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