An experience sharing evening (শিখর ছোঁয়ার গল্প – ৩)

People celebrate success once that is achieved but the story of preparation, hurdles and the journey part are always hidden to mass people!  

As part of ‘lean & share’, Rope4 organizes the outdoor experience sharing events where the achievers share their overall experience to motivate and inspire the interested people.  

শিখর ছোঁয়ার গল্প – ৩ took place on Saturday 8 February 2020 at EMK Center. The Achievers in the field of Mountaineering, Cycling, Hiking, and Mountain Biking for the year 2019 share their experiences in front of audiences. 

This was an inspirational knowledge sharing evening where the achievers explained their motivation, preparation, and the overall journey. They also answer the open questions. The program was organized by Rope4 Adventure Club members and moderated by the Club President Mohiuddin Mahi.

Achiever Speakers for the experience sharing evening were:


1. Shahria Shompa, 2. Shohag Rana, 3. Sadman Azad

The above three people belong to Bangladesh Adventure and Tourism Society – BATS which was formed in 2017. Their vision is to explore the world. This is a nonprofit organization aims to create a platform spreading the opportunity for people engaging in adventure activities. The biggest achievement of BATS is summitting Mount Yunam 6,111 m in August 2018 with a group of 20 people together! BATS wishes to engage more enthusiastic people and to share innovative ideas to develop the Adventure and Tourism sector of Bangladesh.

4. Imran Khan, 5. Rabby Ahmed

Imran and Rabby are the members of the Rope4 Adventure Club. Both of them have reached the top of Yala Peak 5525m on 29 November 2019. This was the very first achievement of their Mountaineering career. Prior to that Rabby attempted trekking expedition in Spiti Valley, Himachal Pradesh, India. 

Mountain Biking

6. Abidur Rahman Chowdhury

Abid learned cycling in his home town, which was surrounded by many natural terrains. He always has an attraction for adventure sport from childhood. He started mountain bike racing in 2015, his career started with cross country racing. He participated first Downhill race in 2016, also participated in several international races. 13th South Asian Game was the most significant one among them. He earned three champions and two runners up so far!  Mountain biking is not only a sport but also a part of a healthy lifestyle and tourism to Abid. His future plan is to participate in more international races, organize mountain bike races and establish mountain biking as an adventure sport in Bangladesh through encouraging more people. 

7. Adnan Rahman

Cycling is Adnan’s most favorite activity, he participated in the first ‘500-meter sprint knockout challenge’ cycling competition in 2017, stood in 3rd position in the race! He belongs to Team Royal Bengal Racer and participated in several races as a team player. He participated in a cross country race in the 13th South Asian Games in Nepal supported by Bangladesh Cycling Federation. He wishes to a better mountain bike racer in the future.

8. Shamim Ahmed

Cycling is Shamim’s most favorite activity from childhood. He started bicycle racing in 2013 and participated in more than 30 races so far include both road and mountain. Winning is in his possession for several cross-country races. He also participated in several international races as well.  His experience includes participation in the 13th South Asian Games in Nepal. He has been involved as a bicycle technician for about 14 years and would like to represent Bangladesh through mountain biking.


9. Tammat Bil Khoar

Tammat bil khoar is an ultra-endurance athlete in Bangladesh. He challenged and broken his own record of cycling 64 districts within 15 days in the year 2019. He also covered the distance of 1000 km by walking in 25 days only in the previous year!


10. Babar Ali

Babar is a Doctor by profession and a Mountain lover by passion. Despite walking through various adventurous portfolios arenas, he loves to introduce himself as a Mountain Lover! He has completed the Basic Mountaineering Course in the year 2017 and hoisted the Bangladesh flag at the top of many 5-6 thousand-meter peaks. He is a Founder Member of Mountaineering Club of Chattagram, ‘Vertical Dreamers’. He also is a Trainer, Cyclist, Hiker, Climate Fighter and many more including Kayaking. He perused three expeditions to 6 thousand-meter peaks and completed 64 districts hiking in 64 days in the year 2019.      

Speakers along with the participants and volunteers made the experience sharing evening শিখর ছোঁয়ার গল্প – ৩ a great success. 

Thanks, EMK Center for sponsoring the venue for the event.