Rope4 Outdoor Education works for alternative youth development through adventure and mountaineering lifestyle. Adventure Course by Rope4 Outdoor Education is one of the tools to challenge our limit and level of endurance

Nowadays, young people are mostly passing their leisure time with technology. Unfortunately, few of them engage themselves with harmful activities. Rope4 is in a mission to motivate young people for a healthy and positive lifestyle through adventure and outdoor activities. Mountaineering is such an aspiration that inspires to keep and maintain a disciplined lifestyle to be qualified.  

Adventure Courses are designed and facilitated by the Certified Mountaineering Trainer and trained Volunteers for the alternative youth development Lifestyle. These courses are contained with theoretical and practical parts along with necessary knot practice and navigation as well.  

Generally, the day starts with early morning exercise, stretching, yoga, and meditation. Every day is filled with theoretical and practical mountaineering terminologies like rappelling, jumaring, river crossing, traversing and high rope course. Equipment and gear are being introduced in between. 

Team building is a major part of the course. For any outdoor activity, leadership, team spirit, and volunteerism are the musts! There are a few activities designed to build bonding and cooperation. 

Survival part is the most interesting segment of the course where the students provided with limited resources to prepare a shelter for night stay and cooking dinner on their own! 

These courses take place in the Hazarikhil Wildlife Sanctuary in the CHT Division of Bangladesh Forest Division. The campsite has been developed and equipped by a high rope course, zipline by Rope4 in collaboration with USAid. The local people have been trained on how to operate the activities. 

This course will take someone to close to nature and that is how the importance of conserving nature will ultimately be understood. A student wrote her experience after attending the course which describes the course in a nutshell.