Adventure Talk – 3 (শিখর ছোঁয়ার গল্প-৪)

Let us be motivated and inspired by an adventurous story!

Mujibur Rahman is the pioneer in Scuba Diving in Bangladesh. He is the CDI, Director, Dhaka, Bangladesh of DIWA – Diving Instructor World Association and CEO, RSDS DHAKA DIVER’S CLUB – GS. 

Recently he has proved himself as a Dreamer to be a Mountaineer, Recently, he pursued an expedition to Aconcagua, this is a mountain in the Principal Cordillera of the Andes mountain range, in Mendoza Province, Argentina.

Prior to this expedition, he reached the summit of Mount Elbrus in Europe and attempted Kilimanjaro in Africa. He has successfully completed the basic and advanced level of the Rock Climbing Course from West Bengal, India. 

On 18th February 2020, Mujibur Rahman Bhai concluded his expedition to Mount Aconcagua located in Argentina due to bad weather. Mount Aconcagua is the heights peak of South America and part of Seven Summit!

Date – 08 March 2020
Time – 6 to 8 pm
Venue – Rope4 Office (House 223/1B, 3rd floor, East Kafrul,
Dhaka Cantonment)

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