A unique approach to youth development

Youth is the backbone of every nation’s development agenda. Youth development includes developing one’s innate talent skills and knowledge and preparing them to face a dynamic and uncertain environment. A holistic wholesome and integrated approach should be adopted to discover every young and talented personality. Rope4 introduced a unique approach to youth development, Mission Himalaya!

Mission Himalaya is an initiative designed in such a manner to bring out the best in youth development! This journey will ensure the youth to

  • be mentally and physically fit to take up new challenges
  • discover inner potential strength and overcome fear
  • self-motivated and self-esteem
  • grow Leadership and Volunteerism
  • healthy lifestyle and thoughts

Rope4 Outdoor Education is an open platform to promote alternative youth development in Bangladesh through the motivation of outdoor activities. For Outdoor activity, mountaineering in high altitude is the ultimate destination! An award is the highest motivation for any activity. Rope4 is awarding a mountain trekking expedition in the Himalayas. 

After the successful chapters of Mission Himalaya 2018, 2019, and 2022, Rope4 Outdoor Education is initiating Mission Himalaya 2023 with the confidence to continue an alternative approach to youth development in Bangladesh. It has already been established as a brand for the youth! These challenges motivated the youths to take up an active and healthy lifestyle for their personal development and find the hidden strength within.

Rope4 practices ZERO tolerance for any harmful drugs including smoking!   

Mission Himalaya is an ideal platform for the sponsors to get maximum visibility for the Sponsor and Partner for their contribution to the youth development of the country. Rope4 and Mission Himalaya will undertake the necessary promotional activities for the visibility of the Sponsors and Partners throughout the year 2023 and so on. The contribution message will reach millions of people through Universities, Facebook, Newspapers, TV news, and other social media.

Methodology of Mission Himalaya 2023

  1. Event circular through Social Media
  2. Candidates will apply 
  3. Audition to shortlist 30 candidates
  4. Training Boot Camp for 4 days 
  5. Press conference to 
    1. recognize Sponsor’s and Partner’s contribution
    2. announce the Winners of MF23 (the best performers)
    3. hand over the national flag
  1. High-altitude expedition in Nepal 
  2. Press conference 
  3. The experience-sharing session

This year the award is a training expedition to Tent Peak, Nepal which is 5,695 m (18,684 ft) in Annapurna Sanctuary. 

Detail Proposal