The Concept:

Mission Himalaya 2018 is devoted to the young people of Bangladesh to discover their hidden strengths. The young generation is highly dependent on technology for their entertainment and leisure time; unfortunately, many spend their free time engaging in negative activities (drugs for instance) and it is for this reason that their physical strength is hidden. This is how we are behind with potential youth energy which is vital for social development.

Rope4 would like to introduce to the young people of Bangladesh with positive adventure activities like Mountaineering through Mission Himalaya 2018. This will lead our youth towards an active and healthy lifestyle for their personal development.

Operational Idea Mission Himalaya 2018 will consist of the following steps:

  • 3 workshops have taken place in February and March 2018 at Bangladesh Parjatan Corporation. 3 workshops have accommodated 20 participants each. The 60 participants have come to know about Mountaineering.
  • 25 selected participants from the three workshops have attended a 3 day long ‘Preparation for the Expedition’ training camp at Hazarikhil Wildlife Sanctuary, Chittagong in March 2018.
  • 3 of the best performers have been awarded by taking part in the expedition to Nepal in October 2018
  • 2 Press conferences – pre and post expedition

Outcome of the Mission

Mountaineering is the adventure of a lifetime. This activity saturates our spirit in natural beauty and stretches our personal endurance. Consequences of the mission are as follows:

  1. Youth Development: Positive adventure activity will develop young generation. They will discover their hidden capabilities and will lead themselves for self-development. These adventure activities will protect them from negative adventure like addiction and so on. They will be able to utilize their idle time for Social Development.
  2. Social Development: Developed youth will lead towards positive future. They will love the country and will feel responsibility to develop the country this is how they will not involve in any illegal activities. Their dedication and contribution lead toward a social development will take place.
  3. Promote Positive Adventure: Developed youth will be the predecessor of positive adventure promotion. Such as photography exhibition, sharing & learning seminars, social awareness campaign, leading community and many more activities for positive and developed lifestyle.


Workshop-Training Camp-Expedition

1: Workshop

Total three workshops have taken place where twenty interested and deserving participants have attended in each workshop. These sixty interested candidates have come to know about Mountaineering! They have clear idea about Mountain and Mountaineering. They learnt how to make him / her prepare to be a Mountaineer. They have also known what are the requirements of Physical and Mental strength, Mountain Terminologies, Hazard, Do’s and Don’ts in Mountains, Rope & practical knots and hitch, Mountaineering Equipment, Stream Crossing etc. From each workshop 8 participants have been selected to be part of next phase which is Training Camp.

These workshops has been conducted by:

  • Mir Shamsul Alam Baboo, Certified Mountaineering Trainer in Bangladesh and most Experienced Mountaineer.
  • Md. Mohiuddin Mahi, Trained Mountaineer from Himalayan Mountaineering Institute and Outdoor & Team Building Activity Trainer

2: Training Camp

Total 25 selected candidates from the workshops attended a three day long training camp. This training camp was specially designed for the preparation for the expedition. The participants have gone through hard stage of physical and mental preparation which will lead them to be fit for the expedition. The focus of the training camp was, leadership, team building, volunteerism, physical & mental strength, endurance and adaptability

Most deserving three candidates have been awarded for the expedition.

 3: Expedition to the Yala Peak, Nepal

The expedition took place from 22 October to 03 November 2018. The team reached at the top of Yala Peak (5525 m) on 29 October 2018 at 9:20 am.